Concept & Created by:BelleTV & Jake Poitier

Executive Producer: Jake Poitier

Participants: Bob Belcher, UpLive Father

                      Belle TV, UpLive Daughter

                      Host, Jake Poitier

6 Potential UpLive Husbands:Low Key Money,

                      Captain Jack, Toronto to Tokyo, 

                      Jahzy, BrettTV and Chris Baris

Start Date: Jan. 17th (Every Thursday at 8PM PST) 1-hour show

Show Synopsis:

In 2017, Belle thought she had found the love of her life but realized he didn’t feel the same. In 2018, she turned to UpLive and found a dreamy guy and they quickly eloped but due to irreconcilable differences it quickly ended in a virtual annulment. Now Belle wants her next love to be the man of her dreams and her Dad is stepping in to help! It’s time for Belle to find her new UpLive husband!  Her UpLive father, Bob Belcher, will help her choose the love of her life out of 6 amazing bachelors via the UpLive platform.

Each week a potential husband will be eliminated because they received the least number of votes from viewers combined with her dad’s and Belle’s vote. Viewers vote is worth 50%, Dad’s vote is worth 35% and Belle’s vote is worth 15%. In the chance of a tie, viewers will gift the guy they want to stay. And in that situation the guy with the most gifts goes on to the next round. If at anytime, viewers disagree with who is going home they can gift a bachelor to keep him on the show another week, in a 1-minute gifting bonanza. Gifts have to be at least 300 ucoins or 300 ucoins higher than the competing guys to stay on the show.

One week before Valentine’s Day, Belle and her father Bob Belcher will have narrowed it down and her UpLive husband will be announced.  In Week 7, Belle will have an amazing bridal shower with her virtual bridesmaids and then on Week 8, Belle & her new fiancé will have the first UpLive virtual wedding.

Show Schedule:

Start Date: Jan. 17th (Every Thursday at 8PM PST)

Weekly One:  Meet the Potential Uplive Husbands

Week Two:  1 Eliminated and Remaining 5 plead their case of why they should stay

Week Three: 1 more Eliminated/4 Left

Week Four: surprise no elimination/4 Left

Week Five: surprise double Elimination/2 Left

Week 6: Final 2 compete for Belle’s love

Week 7: Virtual bridal shower & The winner of Marry My Daughter is announced

Week 8: Virtual Wedding Finale if no one backs out…could be a plot twist

Show Contents:

There will be challenges for the potential virtual husbands to do.


  1. Compose a love song on the spot
  2. Push-ups or jumping jacks to showcase strength
  3. Best gift giver
  4. Dance Off
  5. Most Romantic
  6. Funny face
  7. Funniest Joke
  8. Filter Fun


Viewers can gift to the potential husbands to stay and also gifts can be given by Belle’s Virtual Bridal Registry.


Marry My Daughter banners in the US and in other countries to witness the first Virtual UpLive Wedding.