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What Our Hosts Say

Talent managers and staff work closely with our hosts to ensure they are trained properly and can optimize their broadcasting skills.

“Uplive is a great platform to meet new people.  You can express yourself, showcase your talent, and for aspiring social media influencers, Uplive will help you grow your fanbase and expand your brand and network”.

Kalijah Wayne
Up ID: kalijahwayne

“Uplive’s community is my favorite. I’ve made some incredible friends and been able to really get to know other broadcasters and viewers globally.”

Matt Gusmer
Up ID: helloimgoose

“Uplive has brought me tears of joy and the best thing about this app is the fact that I meet new friends from all over the world.  I’m excited to connect with many diverse hosts and fans.”

Mirae Miyou
Up ID @ miyou

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Uplive constantly updates with exciting events for our viewers and hosts to participate and challenge themselves!  Win Gifts, uCoins, Prizes and trips!
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Uplive Sponsors the Most Exclusive VidCon After Party

Anaheim, CA June 21, 2018 – Uplive USA will be sponsoring the most exclusive VidCon After-Party in Anaheim with some of the most popular YouTube creators and influencers on the[…]

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Social Media Sensation Danielle Cohn Partners with UpLive USA

Los Angeles, California (May 26, 2018)- Powerhouse teen influencer Danielle Cohn has partnered with UpLive, a live streaming platform that showcases unique and specialized content from celebrities and influencers worldwide.[…]

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Crossing Continents: Uplive US Stars Walk Red Carpet at 2018 AMF

Los Angeles, May 7, 2018 – Six of Uplive’s talented United States based hosts visit Seoul, South Korea to attend the 2018 Asia Model Festival this week. Uplive, a recognized[…]

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